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Fast changing regulations, sanctions and legal requirements create confusion about best jurisdiction for running business and most attractive tax residency conditions. Frequently companies are struggling to put these two factors into one picture.

Cyprus is a good solution for business and family relocation and our solutions will serve as a safe bridge, fully compliant with today’s requirements.

Being an expert in substance, Novum Tempus Solutions LTD was created to provide best solutions for families and their businesses. 8 years ago we have discovered Cyprus for ourselves and now enjoy a combination of peaceful living in Mediterranean with developed English- and Russian-speaking business environment.

We will share our experience on such matters as relocation to Cyprus, establishing your life and business in Cyprus, as well as our failures in order to save your money and time. We also have a network of different proven service providers in Cyprus that can help you achieve your business and personal needs here. Please visit the "Meet Us" page to get to know us personally!

Why Cyprus


12.5 % corporate tax


Available educated Russian-speaking workforce without visa requirements


Non-domicile principle


Permanent residency programs for investors


EU & Eurozone Member State


Location: Cyprus is a crossroad of 3 continents (Europe, Asia and Africa)


This scary word became tough reality for the companies that need a working bank account abroad to conduct international business transactions and to benefit from international tax planning, as latest practices and changes in EU Law have shown.

Moreover, business substance is now extended to the level of business owners substance. Lack of attention to issues related to substance may cost a fortune to a business and even turn out a question of survival.

our services


Real Estate

Real estate ownership is an essential evidence for substance both on individual and corporate level. We provide full assistance in the following areas:

  • Rent
  • Purchase
  • Management

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Meet Us

Originally from Latvia, we live in Cyprus for 8 years. Our personal example shows that living in Mediterranean with the family can be healthily combined with intense business activity.

Novum Tempus Solutions LTD is a family-operated business with personal touch and responsibility for result, managed by professionals.